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We Help People Get into The Best Shape Of Their Lives.


Are you ready to get fit?

"Getting in the best shape of your life is simpler than you think."



BUF was founded in 2017 with the goal of helping people reach their full potential, at affordable rates.


In today’s gym environment you can usually find one of two options: High quality personal training at extremely expensive rates, or training at affordable rates with a much lower quality training experience.


We at BUF believe people should not have to choose between these two options. We believe having top quality personal training should not be just for the rich, but for most of the general population. With this belief in mind we have gathered some of the best personal trainers and group fitness instructors around, and we offer our services at rates well below what other gyms charge.


We at BUF also believe reaching one’s full fitness potential translates into many other aspects of life. This includes one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual potential. In order to reach your physical goals you must develop and enhance certain “inner” traits that can not be seen from just appearance. These include traits like proactivity, discipline, focus, perseverance, and vulnerability. It is these traits that truly transform a human and help us truly reach our full potential. And it is our mission to help you get there. You deserve it.


Train with a Friend

Train with a friend or significant other and you both get special rates on training. It’s a ton of fun! Contact us today for details. No commitments and your first session is on us. 



"Working out with Ben has been the best decision of my life"

– Eddie A.

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